I discovered fitness at a young age when I fell in love with the sport of wrestling. Though naturally uncoordinated and out of shape, I had a desire to put everything into the sport. I did not know how to work out but began to perform basic exercises every day to improve my performance. Over time my love for fitness grew alongside my love for wrestling. I discovered running and weightlifting and calisthenics and competed in everything from wrestling and jiu jitsu to distance running and bodybuilding. My love for fitness has evolved into a love for movement in all its forms.

Human beings were created to move. The modern world is a zoo that inhibits our natural movement. Trapped in this zoo of cars and offices and desks and flat surfaces and cushioned shoes, our bodies deteriorate. The epidemic of obesity, chronic pain, depression, and restlessness, can all be traced back to our loss of movement. Whatever your goals may it be losing fat, increasing muscle, improving performance, or escaping chronic pain, it all begins with movement. I do not train to merely help you meet your physical goals. I am here to help you take back your life and rediscover your humanity.

If you're ready to change the way you move and thereby change the way you live, I am ready to help.